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        เครดิตฟรี กดรับเอง ไม่ต้องฝาก ไม่ต้องแชร์ 2023

        The Program Training and Consultation Centre was a resource centre of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy. It provided evidence-based training, consultation and knowledge exchange services to public health departments and community partners to plan and deliver broad-reaching initiatives to reduce tobacco use in Ontario.

        To learn more, view the videos on this page that document?the project overview, health unit experience and building capacity.

        Media Capacity Building Project

        Work began in 2016 with the launch of the Media Capacity Building Project. Six health units and a Tobacco Control Area Network in Ontario received training, consultation and small amount of funding to help them to create and implement local media campaigns to promote quit attempts among adult smokers.

        The health unit campaigns feature testimonials from former smokers focused on the negative health effects of smoking, which evidence has shown to be effective in increasing quit attempts and cessation rates.

        If you would like a copy of the Documentation of Practice Report or access to any of the support materials created for the project, please e-mail: tobaccocontrol@cancercare.on.ca

        Public Health Unit Campaign Websites:




        Project Overview

        Health Unit Experience

        Building Capacity